You often play computer games all day and hardly

exercise so you are too heavy. And you always feel tired. To improve your health, first you should play more sports, like basketball and pingpong . Exercising every day will be good for you. You will become thin and healthy. Second, you should sleep about eight hours at night. Then you’ll

have enough energy to study. Third, you should eat less food. If you do like this, I think you’ll be better soon


假如你是李明,你们学校的“English Garden”正在举行主题


提示:(1) what do you like to do ?

(2) What do you often do to give help

(3) How do you feel about the things?

要求:1) 文稿包括所有提示内容,可适当发挥。

2) 文稿中不得出现真实的人名、校名和地名。

3) 词数:60~80个。

I am a student from No.3 Middle School, My name is Li mMng .

Giving is Receiving

I am a student from No.1 Middle School. M y name is Li Ming. I like helping others because it makes me very happy. I often help my classmates with their schoolwork. Sometimes I help clean up the city parks. I go to an old people’s home and do some cleaning for then once a month. So I’m very popular there.

I often visit the Children’s Hospital to cheer the sick kids up. I read stories to them. I also give money to charities to help people in trouble. I think giving is receiving. Helping others is helping ourselves . Do you agree with me?



家务呢? 写一篇80 词左右的作文表明你的观点

Some people think students needn’t do any chores. They think it’s their job to study well. But I don’t think so.

It’s good for students to do chores. There are three

reasons. First , doing chores can develop our independence.

We can’t depend on others all the time . Second, doing

chores can teach us how to look after ourselves. It can also

keep us healthy and strong . Finally, doing chores can share

our parents’ work. It can also help us to understand the

idea of fairness.

So I think its good for students to do chores. The

earlier we learn to be independent, the better it is for our

future. 三单元




提示;1.Do you often do chores?

2.What chores do you often do?

3.What do you think about doing chores?

Good afternoon, everyone. Now let me say something about

myself. I usually do chores at home. I often sweep the floor,

take out the rubbish, do some cleaning , clean the room and

so on. On weekends, I often help my mother with the cooking.

I think we should do some chores. Most parents are busy

and tired. We should help them. And we can also learn a lot

from doing chores, too. Thank you.


假如文丽有个叫Linda 的外国笔友,文丽给Linda 写信请






Why not do sth ? Why don’t you do sth?

Let’s do sth. You should / could / must do sth.

What /How about doing sth? Don’t do sth.

Try (not) to do sth

Dear Wen Li,

Thank you for your letter .You said you didn’t how

to improve your English. Well, You can do many things to

improve your English. You should follow the ways below, and

maybe they will help you.(提出对方所请教的问题)

1.You should remember as much as you can.

2.You must try to be more active in class.

3.What about watching English movies?

4 Why don’t you talk with a speaker of English?

5. Don’t be afraid to be laughed at. Try to speak

English more.(解决问题即建议)

Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. If you work

hard ,you will find a good way to improve your English.


Yours, Linda











通过比较得出结论 提示 Place Name Reason Middle school the best teacher, the most beautiful Hospital the best doctors, the friendliest service Movie theater the biggest screens, the most comfortable seats Restaurant the most delicious food, the cleanest rooms

Last week we did a survey about the best places in our city.

Yu Cai Middle School is the best school in our city. It has the best teachers and it’s the most beautiful. People’s Hospital is the best of all the hospitals. It has the best doctors and the friendliest service. Star Cinema is the best cinema.It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats. Most students think the best restaurant is Moonlight Restaurant. Because it has the most delicious food and the

cleanest room.


本单元的写作内容是以Changes in my home town为题写一篇短文,介绍近年来家乡的变化。要求:书写工整,标点正确,合理安排文章结构,80词左右。思路点拨提示词

1.引出话题→changes, have taken place.


居住环境对比---very old, tall buildings.

出行条件---subways are set up.

生活条件---rich, colorful, own cars

变化—more shopping malls.

3.结尾:感想---study hard, do more for my home town

Kuancheng is my hometown. Great changes have taken place in the past ten years.

In the past, the houses in my hometown were very old, but now more and more tall buildings have appeared. People used to go out by bike, but now subways have been set up. So it has become very convenient for people to travel. People’s life here has become rich and colorful. Many families have got their own cars. There are also more shopping malls than before.

I will study hard so that I can do more for my hometown.







1.引出话题——长城之旅→Have you been to „? I have ever been there.

2.具体描述长城之旅→…took a bus to…; When we got to the foot of „; we saw the Great Wall beautiful (我们看见美丽的景色) 。We began to …;…is like… It is said that …

3.旅行之感→ I was excited when „;Though we were tired, we all felt… Changes in my hometown


A Visit to the Great Wall

Have you ever been to the Great Wall? I have ever been there. That was a sunny day. My friends and I took a bus to the Great Wall. When we got to the foot of the Great Wall, we saw a lot of visitors. We began to climb the Great Wall. A t this time, .We found the Great Wall is very ,very long and beautiful. It is like a huge dragon. It is said that it is one of the New Seven Wonders in the World. And the most famous wall is the Badaling Great Wall.

I was excited when I got to the top of the wall. Though we were tired, we all felt very happy.


Have you ever been to Hainan Island? It is the second largest island in China.

It’s a beautiful place. If you go there, you should walk along the beaches. The weather in Hainan is very hot, so people like doing many water sports, such as diving (潜水), fishing, swimming, surfing and boating. One great thing about Hainan is that you can try many kinds of sweet fruit in Hainan.

If you go to Hainan, I’m sure you will enjoy yourself.



提示:1.Introduce your favorite thing.

2.talk about why it is special.

3.write about a story or memories.

My favorite teddy bear

My favorite thing from childhood is my teddy bear. I’ve had it since I was five years old. My grandmother gave it to me on my birthday.

I like the teddy bear so much because it’s dressed in my favorite

color. It’s special to me because my grandmother made it for me. I think I will keep it forever, to remind me of my grandmother.

The teddy bear has given me many good memories. I remember

when I was young and I was scared at night because I didn’t like the dark. I held my teddy bear to feel safe.


My favorite animal

As we all know, animals are our friends. I like them. But I like dogs best. I have a dog of my own.

He is my favourite . He is not only lovely but also helpful. That’s why I like him very much. I often tell him about my feelings and share everything with him.

I remember my uncle gave him to me 3 years ago. We have been friends since then.

I love animals! I love my dog!


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